Oscar Tuazon – SEX

Oscar Tuazon’s solo exhibition Sex contains a body of work that re-purposes the functionality of once operational objects into, well, something else. In some ways the work is destroyed, its original intention thwarted. But mainly, Tuazon’s intervention and de-construction of things like his bed, a mirror, and photographs establish a new meaning for these objects. […]

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‘Move: Choreographing You’

The Hayward Gallery’s Move: Choreographing You delivers exactly what the title promises – the audience becomes the players, moving in, on, around, and through a myriad of (mostly) participatory artworks. The traditional relationship between the performers and the audience completely collapses as our hands-on experience not only takes center stage but also quite literally activates […]

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The Architectural Interventions of Sinta Werner

German artist Sinta Werner renders the purposeful functionality of architecture moot. Like predecessors Robert Smithson and Gordon Matta Clark, she uses buildings and landscapes as a material object to de-construct and, by doing so, re-constructs familiarity. She provides a post-modern reflection on contemporary environments providing a doubling and re-imagining of existing structures. Through her work […]


Pardon our dust…

We finally decided to join the 90s and convert our old site to this newfangled “weblogging” technology all the kids are talking about. Over the next month, we’ll be slowly migrating all of the old content to this new WordPress site, and adding the backlog of The Modernist Society Podcasts we’ve been promising along with […]

Furniture and Naked People Cheesecake Sex

Furniture and Naked People #5 – Henrik Purienne

Furniture and Naked People is an ongoing project in which we ask our favorite photographers to pair naked people with icons of modern design. Our fifth installment comes to us courtesy of South African photographer and filmmaker, Henrik Purienne. Productivity skyrockets when employees are seated comfortably in a Vertebra office chair, designed by Emilio Ambasz […]