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‘Move: Choreographing You’

The Hayward Gallery’s Move: Choreographing You delivers exactly what the title promises – the audience becomes the players, moving in, on, around, and through a myriad of (mostly) participatory artworks. The traditional relationship between the performers and the audience completely collapses as our hands-on experience not only takes center stage but also quite literally activates […]

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The Architectural Interventions of Sinta Werner

German artist Sinta Werner renders the purposeful functionality of architecture moot. Like predecessors Robert Smithson and Gordon Matta Clark, she uses buildings and landscapes as a material object to de-construct and, by doing so, re-constructs familiarity. She provides a post-modern reflection on contemporary environments providing a doubling and re-imagining of existing structures. Through her work […]

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Alexander Girard

A brief look at one of this century’s most underrated designers. By Jason Mojica In 1965 when airline industry hot-shot Harding Lawrence resigned from Continental Airlines to kick-start the Texas-based Braniff International, he knew he needed to make dramatic changes. Lawrence called upon advertising maven, Mary Wells. “Listen, Mary, I need a very big idea […]


The Registrators

Interview by Edgar Barrington Hear a clip Aside from being the best band on Earth The Registrators are also the nicest guys on Earth. Singer/guitarist/songwriter Hiroshi Otsuki and manager Takaya Nagashima took me out to an izakaya (one of those places where naked women crawl around with sushi on them) where we drank a lot […]