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On a Clear Day You Can See Manhattan

Photo by Jason Yovanoff

Do we really have two Blake Schwarzenbach posts in a row? Yes, we do. Blake just posted a thoughtful essay on the Forgetters blog about the now annual 9/11 “Tribute in Light” and one of the most divisive Septembers in recent memory.

Now look, I would actually prefer the soft jolt of this nighttime beacon to all the tearful, vengeful talking that will ensue – it actually seems commensurate with the events themselves: no words, seen from afar, it just happens and demands some kind of reflection, and ultimately it leaves us searching and feeling adrift. Unfortunately, and I think this is because we are an impressionable and deliberate people, the opening that such a spectral image provides is going to be immediately filled in with a variety of narratives.

You can read the rest of Blake’s post here.

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