Jenny Hart: Mistress of the Stitch

By Sarah Coffey “If you’re going to discredit my ideas because I wear lipstick, then there’s a greater problem at hand.” Like the extraordinary women she immortalizes in embroidered portraits, Jenny Hart is a gutsy girl. At the age of twenty-seven she started her own business, Sublime Stitching, an on-line gallery accompanied by a catalogue […]

The New Internationalism Transportation Autos Scooters

Malcolm Bricklin, the original international man of mystery.

In 1967, Malcolm Bricklin made his first trip to Japan. This was no vacation, mind you, he was riled. Lambretta had pulled its Italian motorscooters from the U.S. market, and just when Bricklin had found a replacement in a Japanese scooter called the Rabbit, he was informed that Fuji Heavy Industries was about to seize […]