Juliana Beasley Interview
by Veronica Zambetti

Regan Louie Interview
by Edgar Barrington

Furniture and Naked People
#1 - Richard Kern
#2 - Doug Fogelson
#3 - Usama Alshaibi
#4 - Richard Kern
#5 - Henrik Purienne




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Furniture and Naked People #2:
Photography by Doug Fogelson

Furniture and Naked People is an ongoing project in which we ask our favorite photographers to pair naked people with icons of modern design. For our second installment, Doug Fogelson shot Ms. White in Chicago amongst design by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni & Friso Kramer (graciously provided by Highrise.)

If your're interested in participating in FNP as a photographer, model, or provider of design, please contact us at fnp@themodernist.com.



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