Jonathan Ames: The Mystique and the Mistake of the First Person
interview by Jason Mojica

Jenny Hart: Mistress of the Stich
by Sarah Coffee

Fornasetti: La Follia Pratica
by Jason Mojica

The Registrators
interview by Eric Ottens

Fashion Archive
Chicago '96

Alexander Girard
By Jason Mojica

How to DJ Right
Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
Book review

Plaster Caster
DVD review

Playboy at 50: Selections from the Archives
By Jason Mojica

Cock In The Henhouse
By Jennifer Waronker


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Fashion Archive #1
Chicago '96 - The Whole World Is Watching

In honor of the first Democratic National Convention in Chicago since the '68 riots, Shake! magazine devoted its fashion section to advising would-be protesters to look their best for their fifteen minutes.



Michelle Belacic
John Berger
Katrina Demos
Jen Hughes
Tim Kinsella
Jim Milak
Matt Skiba
Kurt Soucek
Mike Toe

Jason Mojica
Michelle Belacic



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