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Thomas Morton – The Modernist Society episode 2

Nothing on but the radio.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to get detained in Nigeria with legendary VICE correspondent Thomas Morton, have we got a show for you. To be clear, he does not talk about being detained in Nigeria (which did happen back when he and and The Modernist Society co-host Jason Mojica were doing a story about West African Truckers), but this very episode is, in effect, a good analog of that situation: we’re locked down to a fixed geographic location, passing the time by talking about whatever esoteric shit comes to mind until at some seemingly random moment… it’s over. 

In this, our second episode of The Modernist Society, Jason rides up to Thomas’ place in upstate New York, and Eric Ottens joins via ARPANET from Chicago.

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Here for your convenience, and in no particular order, are links to some of the many things we talked about:

Thomas & Jason’s reenactment of the Zen Arcade cover
Crazy from the Heat
Frank Sinatra Has a Cold
Skunk Works
Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan
Genetic Passport (Khazakstan)
The Vice Guide to Everything
Tales from the Tour Bus

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