Steve Svymbersky - Quimby's NYC

Talking Zines with Quimby’s founder Steve Svymbersky – The Modernist Society Ep. 4

Steven Svymbersky at Quimby’s Bookstore NYC

On the 4th episode of the The Modernist Society podcast, we talk about the past, present, and future of zines and zine culture with Steve Svymbersky, who founded the original Quimby’s (Qvimby’s Qveer Store) in Chicago in 1991 and in 2017 returned to the game with Quimby’s Bookstore NYC. We wax nostalgic about 1990s Wicker Park and small press creators of the day, learn about Steve’s favorite current zines, and talk about the many ways that zine culture has evolved. To paraphrase the Big Boys, it will make you want to start your own zine.

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Here for your convenience, and in no particular order, are links to some of the many things we talked about:

The original Qvimby’s Qveer Store
Wicker Park in the 1990s
Jay Lynch
Chris Ware
Dan Clowes
Caboose #7
I Wanna Be Your Hot Dog
We’ll Never Have Paris
Vinyl Dyke
Ronald Reagan
Answer Me!
Desert Island

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