The Modernist Society - Coronavirus Potluck

Coronavirus Potluck – The Modernist Society Ep. 7

The Modernist Society - Coronavirus Potluck
This is fine.

It’s an all-star cast in this special episode in which we ring up past Modernist Society guests and other folks around the world to talk about how the coronavirus pandemic is shaking out where they live and what lies ahead. Also… they help us pick songs for a COVID-19 playlist. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll kiss five bucks goodbye.


Tim Kinsella and Jenny Pulse of Good Fuck (Chicago)

Trace Crutchfield of IXNAY PAC (NYC)

Charlie LeDuff of the No BS News Hour (Detroit)

Thomas Morton (Upstate New York)

Christian Misuro (Tokyo)

Ariel Bardi (Rome)

Alessandro Rampietti of Al Jazeera English (Bogota)

James Kelly of Covenant House (New Orleans)

Joshua Wong of Demosisto (Hong Kong)

Richard Gizbert of The Listening Post (London)

Jason Leopold of BuzzFeed News (Los Angeles)

Jake Adelstein of Japan Subculture Research Center (Tokyo)

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As promised in the show, here are links to the playlist that each of this episodes guest helped us build. We hope it gives you a little lift.

Coronavirus Potluck – The Playlist (Spotify)
Coronavirus Potluck – The Playlis (Apple Music)

Here for your convenience, and in no particular order, are links to some of the things we talked about, and some that we did not.

Wim Hof breathing exercises

Are Wayne County Jails A Hot Zone For The Coronavirus? – by Charlie LeDuff

Charlie LeDuff – Detroit: An American Autopsy


Coronavirus: Colombia prepares to enter quarantine – by Alessandro Rampietti

Japan’s winning its quiet fight against Covid-19 by Jake Adelstein

Shelter – Documentary on Covenant House New Orleans featuring Jim Kelly

Unfree Speech: The Threat to Global Democracy and Why We Must Act, Now – by Joshua Wong

After Trump’s Tweet, The Government Is Funding A Coronavirus Study Of Hydroxychloroquine – by Jason Leopold

The Complete Stax/Volt Singles (1959-1968) 

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